Ultra Brigh Acid Copper Plating Additives

Ultra Brigh Acid Copper Plating Additives

Ultra Brigh Acid Copper Plating can brighten quickly, has excellent layer. It is suitable for all kinds of parts, especially for the plating of ornaments crafts, Sanitary and plastic parts.



Ultra Brigh Acid Copper Plating Additives is a star product in the copper plating of our company. It has good brightening speed and effect,is suitable for many kind of parts. For example, steel, zinc die cast, plastic, etc. It is also easy to control. 

Model Name: 

Ultra Brigh Acid Copper Plating Additives


1. Excellent brightening and leveling, good leveling in LCD area.

2. Good covering, so that the LCD area seldom be nigrescent or misty.

3. The plating layer has corrosion resistance, well flexility.

4. The plating layer has no pinhole and hard spots.

5. The plating layer is clear.

6. The bath solution is stable and easy to control.

7. Can be used in the copper plating of steel, zinc die cast, plastics, etc.

Bath Composition: 

Make up   Solution UTBRIGH-MU

Brightener   UTBRIGH-A

Brightener   UTBRIGH-B

Company information:

Guangdong Intensive Eco-tech Co., Ltd., one of subordinates of Highnic Group, is a large-scale enterprise specializing in electroplating additive production and technological development. It locates in central part of Nonferrous Metal Industrial Development Zone, Nanhai, Foshan city, Guangdong, China. The company has established a R&D team and introduced world-class leading facilities to develop new plating technologies for metal surface finishing. The whole product series cover various metal finishing additives, PCB speciality chemical and PCB phosphorus copper anode, etc. 


Product Range

Copper plating

Pretreatment   and post treatment

Nickel   plating

Plating on Aluminum and Zinc alloy

Chrome plating


Zinc plating   and passivation

Brass oxidation coloring

Alloy plating

Electrophoretic   paiting

Plastic   plating

PCB Chemicals

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