Trichrome Passivation Agent HN-68

Trichrome Passivation Agent HN-68

I.M.T.'Trichrome Passivation Agent provides outstanding corrosion resistance to the zinc plated substrates without any hexavalent chromium, which can meet the environment protection standard. I.M.T. trivalent blue chromium passivation process pass the test of 72-hour neutral salt spraying(NSS test).


Trichrome Passivation Agent

Model: HN-68

1. Advantages

  • Completely no Cr6+, can meet the products requirement for exporting to Europe, America, Japan etc.

  • Corrosion- resistance ability of the blue passivative film is excellent, can pass neutral salt spray test (NSS test) for 72 hours .

  • Suitable for all kinds of rack plating or barrel plating production lines for acid zinc and alkaline zinc, can be used in normal temperature.

  • Passivation liquid can be used for long time, no need to change the passivation liquid constantly, only supplement according to consumption.

2. Bath Composition and Working Conditions

HN-68           50~100ml/L

Temperature       25~35℃

Passivation Time   15~30 seconds

pH value         1.8~2.2

Agitation        Air agitation or mechanical agitation



  • It is need to use sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH value to 2.0 when the first time for making up.

  • In the production process, the color of the passivation film will be yellowish if the pH value is too high. You can adjust by adding blue zinc liquid NH-68 or nitric acid.

  • If you need more blue color, you can use shorter time or lower pH value for passivation. If you need better corrosion- resistance ability, you can use longer time for passivation.


  • A plating process includes at least one type of chemical additives.

  • Standard package is net 25kg/drum. Packed in plastic drum. 24 drums/pallet.

  • Some additives needs special package and will be specified in quotation sheet.

Company information

Guangdong Intensive Eco-tech Co., Ltd., one of subordinates of Highnic Group, is a large-scale enterprise specializing in electroplating additive production and technological development. It locates in central part of Nonferrous Metal Industrial Development Zone, Nanhai, Foshan city, Guangdong, China. The company has established a R&D team and introduced world-class leading facilities to develop new plating technologies for metal surface finishing. The whole product series cover various metal finishing additives, PCB speciality chemical and PCB phosphorus copper anode, etc. 

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