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Why does The Brass Zipper Get Darken
Aug 09, 2018

We may find that brass zipper or other copper alloy zipper will get blackened easily somehow, here we tell you the reasons and how to prevent it.

a. Metal zipper made of copper alloy (white copper, red copper, brass), when used on metal products or wool products, the zipper will blacken some of the teeth due to metal oxidation. This is because of the leather bleaching agent on the woven fabric, etc., when the product remains on the product during the treatment, the gas of the product causes discoloration of the metal zipper.

b. The rubber band itself contains sulfide. When the metal zipper is bundled with rubber bands, the metal chain teeth will be vulcanized (blackened).

c. Although the zipper head has been rust-proofed beforehand, because oxidation is a property of metal, in order to reduce discoloration and surface wiping, please wrap the zipper head with paper.

To make the brass zipper do not get darken, zipper factory needs to make proper treatment of the brass wire, which is the raw materials brass wire, and store the brass zippers in dry and cool places after production to prevent the color changing. Customers pay special attention to cloths with brass zipper when doing laundry and keeping them in wardrobe.

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