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Which Adhesives Can Be Used In Food Packaging
Aug 30, 2017

"China Packaging Network" as a food compound packaging materials used in the adhesive, it is not like plastic container products or canned interior coating directly contact with the packaged food, but separated a layer of composite packaging bag of the inner layer of film, such as polyethylene film or polypropylene film, so it is not directly contact with food materials, but indirect contact material. Many countries do not have the adhesive as polyethylene and polypropylene to develop special health standards, but as an additive to treat it, from the original, the auxiliary materials to allow the production of its control of the entire packaging bag hygiene performance to consider the health and safety performance of adhesives.

We know that polyethylene or polypropylene, as a composite bag of film, from the microscopic point of view, it is not an absolute "close" material, but a certain "permeability" of the material, as the agent used in the adhesive agent of some low molecular weight substances, such as the reaction of the micro-monomer or pyrolysis at high temperature, the "debris", There are also residual organic solvents in the process, which, in the storage of packaged food, will slowly penetrate, diffuse, or migrate through the inner membrane to the contents of the package. If these low molecular weight substances have odor, odor or toxicity, it will contaminate the contents of the packaging, resulting in poor hygiene performance.

Thus, the use of food, pharmaceutical packaging inks and adhesives, should have good health and safety performance.

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