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The Realization Of Environmental Protection In Electroplating Field
Sep 25, 2018

  There is concrete evidence that proofs electroplate can cause pollution even though environmental consensus is wide-spread. Our wish to respond national call on concerning environmental issue and reduce any waste emission from electroplating technology is just around the corner. So we invent products to prevent contamination from the source.

  Non-phosphorus technology:

It is totally free from any phosphorus pollution, corresponding to international environmental protection standards. Representative: HN-150 Zinc Aluminum Alloy    Non-phosphorus Degreasing technology; HN-151 Stainless Steel Non-phosphorus; HN-107 Low Foam Non-phosphorus Spray Degreasing technology; HN-135 Non-phosphorus Spray Degreasing technology; HN-102 Normal Temperature Non-phosphorus Spray Degreasing technology.

  Substitute technology for nickel electroplate :

Its solution contains none of cyanide and heavy metal without arising any nickel allergy.  The safe technology accords with safety standard in Europe and America as a replacement for nickel plating. Representative: HN-EP Chemical Palladium Plating Technology; HN-NW Cyanide-free Cupronickel Tin Technology.

  Non-nitric oxide technology:

It is not of nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphorus acid. Zero emission of NOX gas and non-phosphorus sewage is an advantage to environmental protection. Representative: HN-350 Aluminum Alloy environmental cleaning technology.;HN-360 environmental cleaning technology.

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