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The Importance Of Copper Sulphate Quality In Quality Management Of Acid Copper Plating
Oct 10, 2018

As the quality requirements of various products are getting higher and higher, the cost of production of enterprises is also increasing, so the profits of enterprises become thinner and thinner. Then, how to control the quality management of products has become the focus of sustainable development. Quality management should be taken into implementation by every company.


Electroplating is a traditional manufacturing industry. In recent years, due to environmental protection problems, the production costs of major enterprises have increased greatly, resulting in the bankrupt of electroplating factories in many industries. Most of these failed electroplating plants are caused by quality management issues and rising costs. As we all know, electroplating factories are mostly processed products. The core competitiveness of electroplating enterprises is stable quality of process, because stable quality can have stable orders. However, the stability of product quality is inseparable from good raw materials and good additives.


Good raw materials can really reduce the impurities and failure of the plating solution, and ensure the product quality continues to be stable. Take the acid copper plating solution as an example. At present, there are still many electroplating factories prefer to use industrial grade copper sulphate due to lower cost, ignoring the heavy metal content of industrial grade copper sulphate and water impurities. In fact, this will affect the stability of production in the long run, and further adversely affect the product yield rate!


Industrial grade copper sulphate is not suitable for electroplating, especially for high-end electroplating. It is mainly used in the mineral processing, agricultural and industrial salt industries. These industries have low quality requirements and industrial grade can meet the requirement sufficiently. However, the electroplating industry has much higher request on the quality of raw materials! Golden Kangaroo electroplating grade copper sulphate is specially designed and produced for the quality requirements of electroplating. In addition to the higher copper content of electroplating grade copper sulphate than the industrial grade, the impurities are strictly controlled in a very low limit so that it won't affect plating effect. This is equivalent to the impurity treatment of the plating solution in advance, so the production cost can be lower indirectly.  Although price of electroplating grade copper sulphate is higher, the overall costs can be reduced while quality can be guaranteed.

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