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The Advantage Of HN-E2800 Chemical Nickel-plating
Aug 06, 2018

  Chemical nickel has been widely applied to fields such as machine, electronics, micro-electronics, aviation, petrochemical, automobile, textile, food and military for a long time due to its corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, homogeneity as well as decorative function and mechanism property.

  Serial chemical nickel-plating products under Guangdong Intensive Ecotech Co., Ltd are popular among customers. Today we are going to introduce you a new technology----HN-E2800 full bright chemical nickel plating technology.

  Items gone through HN-E2800 nickel-plating technology possess several features: 1, full bright layers; 2, high ductility of layers; 3, nice binding force with different basis material. The HN-E2800 technology itself contains a unique additive system and high tolerance with metallic contamination, which can prolong solvent working longevity. Moreover, its stable solvent makes the system easy to operate and additive can be added during process under operating temperature. Lastly, HN-E2800 full bright chemical nickel plating technology supports barrel plating and rack plating.

  After cleaning and dehydration, chemical nickel plating layers have to receive post processing:

  1, baking: to improve layers adhesive force and reduce hydrogen brittleness.

  2, thermal treatment: to improve hardness and abrasion resistance of layers.

  3, excitation and surface preparation: metallic plating or organic plating.

  4,Cromating: to improve corrosion resistance

  5,color: to improve decorative. 


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