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Share Development Planning, Organize New Direction
Aug 27, 2018

  On 22nd August ,2018, Director Mr. He Shihan, Manager Mrs. Yang Shuhui and relevant personnel from NEW EXPOSTAR (SZ) CO., Ltd arrived in Guangdong Highnic Group Co.,Ltd. General Sales Manager Mr. Wen Zhenbin from Guangdong Intensive Ecotech Co.,Ltd and Institute Director Mr. Xie Jinping from Surface Technology Research Institute offered a warm welcome.


  Led by General Manager Mr. Wen and INstitute Director Mr. Xie, visitors from NEW EXPOSTAR (SZ) CO., Ltd went through Marketing Department, Intensive Ecotech sales center, Surface Technology Research Institute and other core departments. Meanwhile, visitors gradually received more and more detailed perspective about hard power such as surface treatment technology, advanced chemical test technology and powerful productivity research team, appreciating enterprise features like individual development, constant update. In the following forum, both sides presented impassioned discussion around future of surface treatment, advanced technology in market prospect and suggestion on surface technology.


  Institute Director Xie Jinping indicated that the application field of surface treatment has been enlarging since the daily increasing usage of surface treatment in auto, architecture, aviation, industrial equipment, electronic. Currently, Guangdong Intensive Ecotech Co.,Ltd contains 26 sets of surface treatment technology which almost includes every  surface treatment technology existing in coating market.    In time of focusing on products quality, pre-sales and post-sales technological tracking instruction is of great importance. That’s why we set up a serious of customer service network system in most of domestic regions and unlimited possibility is awaited digging.

  General Sales Manager Wen Zhenbin also addressed that our national industrialization is progressing rapidly in this stage along with increasing requirement by heavy machinery market and augment of urbanization process. These elements vitalize auto industry, permanent magnet technology and 3D printing that is beneficial to further development in surface treatment.

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