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Seat Factory Successfully Converted From Solvent Based Spray Glue To Water-based Spray Glue 828A
May 08, 2018

Recently, workers in many factories producing sofas, chairs, etc.,  took off their anti-virus masks and no longer suffered from the annoying smell of spray glue . It was not that they switched jobs but that companies replaced sponge adhesives. The transformation from traditional solvent based glue to environmentally friendly water-based glue not only makes the environment odorless, but the seats made out of it no longer contain a lot of volatile organic solvents, making it more comfortable to sit.

A seat factory in Leping Town, Sanshui also began to change the type of spray glue. This manufacturer mainly produces cinema seats and has five production lines. When using solvent based spray glue, workers must wear masks when they work.

As a result, the boss decided to let the company go ahead of the environmental team and comprehensively reform the adhesive. Therefore, GOOD Adhesive's technician went to the factory some time ago to assist the staff to try out our water-based spray glue 828A. The water-based spray glue achieved zero volatilization, and it can be attached after 2-3 minutes, and there is no safety hazard such as fire prevention, environmental pollution. After testing the glue and technical guidance of technicians, the factory said that the use of water-based adhesives is indeed more environmentally friendly, but the technical aspects should also be timely improved. Tthe factory owner is fully confident that the full reform of the use of environmentally friendly water-based glue is inevitable, the plant plans to replace the glue within this year and allows workers to work in a safe and fresh environment.

The conversion of a bucket of glue seems to be just a small process change, but the impact is enormous. Not only can it clean the working environment, it can benefit the health of employees and consumers, and helps to open up the green channels in the international market and improve the brand image of the company, and reduce the production cost.

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