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What's The Required Equipment For Acid Copper Plating?
Apr 28, 2018

Copper plating is the process to electrolytically form a layer of copper on the surface of an item. The item can be metal or plastic. It takes place in an electrolytic cell where electrolysis which uses direct electric current to dissolve a copper anode and transport the copper ions to the item.

To start a copper plating workshop, you need to prepare the following equipment.

  1. Plating tank:steel tank with inner PVC or other plastic layers or plastic tank.

  2. Cooling equipments:too high temperature could not only increase the consumption of brightener but also lead to decrease in brightness at low potential zone, so it’s necessary to equip adequate cooling equipments.

  3. Circulating filtration:float in the bath such as dust and grease can all lead to rough coating、pinhole or decrease in brightness. Continuous circulating filtration is recommended and the filter pump should at least filter the bath four times an hour. Air should be avoided in the pump or it may cause little bubble in the bath resulting in pinhole in the coating. Water inlet of the pump should be away from the air pipe to avoid inhaling air。

  4. Air agitation:strong enough air agitation should be adopted otherwise pinhole and hard spot grow easily.

  5. Phosphor copper anode:phosphorus content should be 0.03 ~ 0.065%;copper power grows easily and burr forms if it’s too low while too much phosphorus content may cause over thick phosphorus film at the anode surface which resulting in the increase of voltage and decrease in cathod current density, and hard spot and pinhole grow easily.

  6. Anode bag:acid and alkali resisting double dacron cloth bag should be adopted to prevent anode mud into the bath.

The Exultra bright acid copper plating additives produced by Guangdong Intensive Ecotech Technology Co., Ltd (I.M.T) has proved its excellent bright copper effect on many work pieces with the following advantages.

  • Excellent brightening and leveling ability, Strong leveling on LCD area;

  • Clear surface and no cloudy;

  • Great throwing power, No dull or dark deposit on LCD area;

  • No pitting deposit with good ductility and corrosion resistance;

  • This process is very easy to control with stable bath, and lower maintaining cost;

  • Suitable for all kinds of parts,especially for the plating of ornaments crafts, Sanitary and plastic parts.

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