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Professional Grade Shoe Repair Glue
Mar 07, 2018

A pair of shoes worn over an extended period of time no matter how well you take care of them. It is common for shoes to crack or break away at the sole, or upper dettached from the sole. When we try to repair them by ourselves, we need to choose the right type of glue. Most shoe-repair shops use glue to mend cracked soles and heels and to fix tears in the upper shoe. This can be also done at home with lasting results with the help of professional grade shoe repair glue. 

In fact, there are many types shoe repair glue on the market. What are they? How do they perform? Here we have a brief look at them.

Neoprene Glue

Neoprene glue is used to bond leather, crepe, rubber, thermal plastic rubber, polyurethane, wood and plywood, paper, and thermal plastic polyurethane. Since shoes come in a variety of materials, this all-purpose glue is ideal. It is often used in shoe repair because of its strong bonding capability, fast drying time and noncorrosion on the gluing surface. This glue works best for repair of rubber soles but is also used for other shoe materials.

Super Glue

Super glue is popular for its fast and permanent bonding properties. The advantages of super glue include its fast drying time, easy availability -- you can find in most hardware and craft shops -- and its ability to seal leaks in soles. Wear gloves when applying super glue as its quick-bonding capabilities can affect the skin.

Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue is used in crafts, shoe repair and metal repair. Epoxy is great for strong-hold repairs but requires a little more attention when applying it to shoes. The hardening affect of epoxy glue is determined by the amount of catalist present in the resin formula. Epoxy with large amounts of the catalyst will dry faster, however, the glue will be brittle and may crack over time or in cold weather. Glue formulas that have less catalyst will take longer to dry but will be much more stable. When considering epoxy glue for shoe repair, it better to use the glue that will take longer dry, about 24 hours, rather than the less stable glue with three-minute results.

Polyurethane Glue

Polyurethane glue is a transparent high-performance shoe glue providing strong and flexible bond for shoe materials like PU, PVC, TPR, rubber, EVA, leather, especially for the oily synthetic leather, TPR, genuine leather. It works for most of the shoe materials. It is widely applied in shoe factories, which is professional while easy to apply. 

The shoe repair glue produced by Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co. Ltd.is a type of professional grade polyurethane glue. It can provide your shoes with excellent bonding performance as the shoes comes out from the shoe factory. GOOD’s shoe repair glue has excellent bonding performance as many overseas famous brands.  It offers clean, strong and soft bonding effect which helps you to keep your shoe brand new! 

OEM and ODM service offered to shoe repair glue distributors and retailers with reasonable price and competitive quality.

For more information about our shoe repair glue, please check the following product.


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