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Lamination Adhesive For Material Composition
Nov 30, 2018

Lamination Adhesive, also known as composite adhesive, refers to the adhesive used for lamination between materials such as EVA, SBR, leather, cloth, paper, and the like.


Good Adhesive’s laminating adhesive has the characteristics of strong initial adhesion, good fluidity and good oil resistance. It is applicable to the manufacture of uppers, insoles, bags, handbags, wetsuits, knee pads, gloves, etc. or the bonding of their fabric materials.

It has wide application in shoe factories, luggage factories, material compound processing plants, textile lamination factories.

Model: HN-8301

Features: good initial adhesion, strong oil resistance

Application: Mainly used for the material composite such as nylon fabric to EVA for bags, handbags, uppers, insoles, mouse pads, etc.


Model: HN-808F

Features: high heat resistance, good yellowing resistance, moderate drying speed, not easy to crust

Application: Mainly used for material lamination in bags, uppers and insoles factories.


Model: HN-808R

Features: high heat resistance

Application: Mainly used for the composite of materials in bags, uppers, insoles, etc., such as nylon cloth to EVA, elastic cloth to EVA.


Model: HN-808B

Features: strong adhesion, cost-effective

Application: mainly used for the materials lamination in bags and airtight materials.


Wet lamination

The wet lamination process is that after the adhesive is coated on the surface of the composite substrate, it is immediately compounded and then heat-cured to form a composite material.

In the case of compounding, the binder contains a solvent or water, and by utilizing the porosity of the composite substrate, the solvent and water penetrate through the pores and volatilized. For this reason, the wet lamination is suitable for a substrate which is porous or capable of absorbing a solvent or water, but is not suitable for the composite between plastic film. Plastic film to porous materials is applicable, however.



In the operation process, the correct selection of the glue and the control of the temperature and the amount of glue are critical! Due to the actual production conditions of the various processing plants, especially the control of temperature and glue applying amount and the problems that may occur in the next production process (mainly "insufficient adhesion", "drawing", etc.) All manufacturers are required to conduct a comprehensive experiment before use, and then consider the selection of appropriate adhesive products for mass production. Our company will provide professional technical advice and guidance to all users.

As China's adhesive expert, Good Adhesive help the manufacturing and processing industries of shoes, bags, furniture, decoration, automobiles, equipment, decoration, etc., with sophisticated technology, quality products and comprehensive services. 

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