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How To Use Water Based Shoe Adhesive?
Aug 08, 2018

Nowadays, many shoe factories converted from solvent based shoe adhesive to water based shoe adhesive due to increasing attention to the environment protection and worker’s health, but at the same time they may face some problems when applying the water based one. Good Adhesive would like to give some hints on how to apply water based shoe adhesive.

1. Surface Treatment: Make appropriate treatment on the adherend surface according to the material, such as removing grease, stain and moisture from the surface, buffing the surface. The solvent 120# gasoline, thinner, toluene, ethyl acetate and other fast-drying solvent can be used to clean the adherend surface. For surface buffing, 0# and 1# abrasive paper can be used. For different materials, please choose the right primer to improve the bonding strength of PU adhesive to the materials.

2. Normally cementing for once is enough.

3. Cementing process:

 Identify the material→clean the material surface→brush primer→dry in oven(70℃±5℃X3-5’) →cementing→dry in oven(70℃±5℃X4-5’) → attaching → press → cooling → clear up→ packing.

 It is better to choose infrared ray oven instead of the traditional heating oven to guarantee the drying effect.

4. Attaching method: attach the materials in tack retention time, within 0-3 seconds(2 seconds in winter) after taking out the cemented material from the oven. Attach the materials correctly for once to avoid second-time attaching.

5. Pressing method: Adjust the press machine properly to stress material evenly. Pressing time is 8-12 seconds. The stronger stress laid on the materials, the better bonding effect you can get, but the stress should not cause the material deformed.

6. Improper cementing will lead to following outcome:

If the cement layer is too thick, it will not dry completely, which will affect the bonding effect.

For uneven cementing, part of the material surface will accumulate cement, lack of cement or blister.

Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd is a tradition footwear adhesive manufacturer and has been dedicated to increasing the performance of water based shoe adhesive all the time. Now our items HN-820W and HN-820W(2) have stronger bonding strength than most of the solvent based shoe adhesive. You may check more details from our products.http://www.highnicgroup.com/adhesive/polyurethane-adhesive/water-based-pu-adhesive.html

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