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How To Repair Inflatable PVC Boat With Glue
May 16, 2018

1. Find the leak point on the boat first. In the case of inflating, use a rag to stick the soapy water evenly on the boat. Air bubbles will appear in the leaked part. Based on this clue we can find the leak point.

2. Clean the stains around the leak point with alcohol and wipe dry with a towel. Make sure that the leaking point is clean and dry around.

3. Use the special glue and patch attached to the ship to cut the patch according to the area of the leak point. It is advisable to larger the bonding area around the leak point.

4. After cutting the patch, apply the glue evenly on the patch and around the leak point. Wait about 3-4 minutes and then apply again. Apply a total of two times.

5. Adhere the repair sheet to the leak point, blow it with hot wind by hairdryer or other hot wind blower, and then compact it with a round material. After 8 hours of use, it can be used.

6. The above procedure can be also applied to other inflatable products.


GOOD’s inflatable boat repair glue is suitable for bonding soft PVC materials in manufacturing or mending PVC inflatable boat, inflatable castle for children, PVC inflated toys etc. You may find more details about our PVC Inflatable Boat Gluein our website.

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