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How To Prevent Chromic Acid Mist From Overflowing
Jul 11, 2018

 There is always a trouble in chromeplate process-----Chromic Acid Mist spills over everywhere, which causes dispensable consumption of Chromic Acid and deals great harm to workers surrounded by smelly yellow mist.

  Fortunately a method has been found to extinct overflow of chromic acid mist from the source. A product called HN-F53 chromium mist inhibitor has been highly recommended since created. Hn-F53 chromium mist inhibitor is specialized in inhibiting chromic during chromeplate and possessing property of high temperature resistance, strong oxidation resistance and obvious effect on mist inhibit.

  While HN-F53 chromium mist inhibitor is added into chromium bath, the proportion of chromium will rapidly decrease at the bath side during electroplate because of lowered facial tension of the bath side. The operation intends to annihilate environmental pollution, save energy and chromic acid, reduce outlay of ventilation maintenance and ensure workers physical condition.

  HN-F53 will not cause negative effect to plating solution, but apparently reduce tiny crack in chromic layers, increasing hardness and binding force.


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