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How To Increase Elegance On Plating Layers
Aug 13, 2018

  Ordinary electroplating technology can only lighten plating surface with no more effect. But HN-850 long-acting pearl nickel plating technology will produce silky radiance and smooth touch feeling just as the meticulous surface of pearl.

  Product features of HN-850:

1, It is easy to control effect of suede coatings which are fast dusting and homogenous.

2, Light spot and black spot are less chance to appear while thickness and thinness of dusting can be adjusted optionally.

3, Smooth dusting feeling and intense metallic flavor. Hardness level is up to 400-500HV. Surface is possible to stand scratching, brightening and stripping.

4, HN-850 technology is able to continue productivity constantly for 10-30 days with stable technique and maintain dusting effect.

5, Excellent binding force of electroplating layers; trail on layers won’t be remained after touching.

6, Hn-850 technology doesn’t give out oily decomposer, applying to premium hardware, plastic, including mobile phone, auto accessories, electronic appliance, leatherware, sanitary and so on.



  Plating cylinder HN-850A

  HN-850A is meant to facilitate average dusting in high and low current density area along with existence of radiance, reduction of plating layers  innerstress and limpness augment, taking effect as moisture dispersion and eliminating light spot during electroplating process.  


  Additive HN-850A

  HN-850B plays a major role in stabilizing dusting effect in order to adjust dusting effect on plating layers. Overdose will cause weakened dusting effect and lower radiance on layers.


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