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How Does Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Affect Printed Circuit Board Plating?
Aug 27, 2018

Copper sulfate pentahydrate plays an extremely important role in PCB electroplating. The quality of acid copper plating directly affects the quality of electroplated copper layer and related mechanical properties, and has certain influence on subsequent processing. Therefore, how to choose high-quality high-purity copper sulfate and control The quality of the good acid copper plating process is an important part of PCB plating.


In the electronic printed circuit board manufacturing industry, the acid copper plating process is used to thicken the electroless copper plating layer. Due to the extremely high quality and excellent dispersing ability of the board plating, it is extremely sensitive to various metal impurities (such as iron, zinc, lead, tin, antimony, etc.) and organic impurities in the plating solution. Copper sulfate, as the main salt in the acidic copper sulfate plating bath, the quality of the copper sulfate must be fully guaranteed, and materials of the above grade of plating are usually used. The role of copper sulfate is to ionize copper ions in an aqueous solution, and copper ions are electron-deposited on the cathode to deposit copper plating. The use of high-purity refined copper sulfate can minimize the loss of various metal impurities and organic impurities in the plating solution, thereby effectively preventing pinholes, grit, blackening, fogging and the like of the plating layer, and ensuring plating. The uniformity of the thickness distribution of the plate surface and the deep plating ability of the deep hole and the small hole can help improve the physical properties of the coating, such as ductility and tensile strength.


It can be seen that high-purity copper sulfate has broad market prospects in the field of PCB plating.


In the fierce battle for the acid copper plating market, Foshan Highnic New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced production technology, high-quality production technology and thoughtful after-sales technical support. The copper sulfate product of Foshan Highnic New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. adopted international advanced high-purity copper sulfate production technology, and is suitable for the electroplating industry (especially electronic circuit board electroplating) which requires strict requirements for copper sulfate. According to the test, the quality of the products is not inferior to the similar products in Japan, Russia and other countries, and can completely replace the imported products. Moreover, Foshan Highnic new materials penetrates the copper sulfate market throughout the country, with a group of professional acid copper plating technology engineers on-site problem solving or sampling for analysis and research, and thoughtful after-sales service.

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