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History Of Wheel Hub Development
Jul 18, 2018

  Development of wheel hub mainly experiences 3 phrases-----wooden, steely and aluminous. Primitive wheel hubs were made from wood based on the ancient concept of carriage wheels. But primitive wheel hubs required tougher timber than carriage wheels to support driving while 10-12 harder spokes brushed by oil paint were installed within each wheel hub.  The operation could keep spokes from moisture and corrosion and enlarge wheel hubs longevity.


  As industry developed and application field of steel was spread step by step, Irony wheel hubs and steely wheel hubs with simplified forging technology arouse. These new wheel hubs possessed stronger hardness, longer longevity and lower cost, superiorly becoming substitute of wooden wheel hubs.    In order to improve stability of wheels, each steely wheel hubs contained tens of steely spokes which were thinner than wooden ones. At the meantime, hubcaps were created to protect spokes and promote aesthetic of wheels due to the delicacy and nobleness of steely spokes.


  Nowadays, steely wheel hubs were discovered to affect tires longevity as a result of worse heat dispersion than aluminous wheel hubs. In 1960s, aluminous wheel hubs with better heat dispersion gradually populated so that aluminum initiated a new trend for wheel hubs in new era. Except for excellent heat dispersion, aluminous wheel hubs still were characterized by light weight, obvious vibration reduction, delicate appearance. On the other hand, aluminous wheel hubs can increase car speed and safety. The exsistence of aluminous wheel hubs is a significant revolution during wheel hubs history.


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