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GOOD's Spray Adhesive Solved Bonding Problems In Dongguan Door Factory
May 09, 2018

Recently, GOOD Adhesive's sales and technical team came to Zhongtang Town in Dongguan to test the glue.

Manufacturer's requirements and actual conditions: The manufacturer mainly produces interior doors. Because the heat resistance of the glue used by the manufacturer before is not high enough, and blister and delamination occurred after lamination. The manufacturer expressed the hope that we could recommend a better quality spray adhesive and improve product quality. Therefore, the test process requires the use of adhesives with good adhesive properties, high heat resistance, aging resistance, and a safe, non-toxic adhesive.

Test glue material: ABS laminated on MDF (interior door)

Glue Model: Spray Adhesive HN-83B

Test glue effect: Spray glue HN-83B is a kind of heat-resistant solvent based spray glue that is produced from grafted neoprene as the main raw material and imported tackifying resin. It has good heat resistance, good aging resistance and strong adhesion, specially applied to the bonding of MDF, PU, leather and other materials. No need for adding curing agent while using this adhesive. The adhesive can be directly and evenly sprayed on both sides of the ABS plastic and the MDF plate, and the bonding can be performed. The operation is simple and the bonding effect is good. The manufacturer gave us feedback that our product is the best choice. Our spray adhesive HN-83B successfully solved their bonding problems.

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