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GOOD Adhesive's Technicians Visited A Shoe Factory In Lishui And Diagnosed Bonding Problem
May 07, 2018

Last year, a customer in Lishui reported that according to the gluing steps taught by our technicians, the metal sheet could not be bonded to the toe cap rubber. According to the problems reported by customers, GOOD Adhesive's  technician and sales staff made a special trip to the factory to find out where the problems lie.

The bonding material: leather upper to rubber sole, toe cap is rubber with metal sheet (men shoes)

Glue Item:PU Glue HN-868HK

The root cause of the problem: Although the factory uses GOOD Adhesive's  PU adhesives, it uses other brands of primer for metal. With many years of experience in adhesive market, the technician quickly found the root cause of the problem-the primer is counterfeit and had no treatment effect on metal at all. The purchasing staff the plant did not carefully identify the true or false treatment agent when purchasing the treatment agent, and purchased counterfeit and inferior products. As a result, the metal sheet toe cap was not bonded. The technician of our company used GOOD Adhesive's  primer to rebond the materials, which is witnessed by the manufacturer's management personnel, the bonding effect is obviously improved, and the shoe surface and the rubber bottom are perfectly matched. With the keen sense of our technician, the shoe factory was helped to find the root cause of the problem.

The leader of the plant said: Thanks for the help of GOOD Adhesive, we can quickly find the "culprit" of the counterfeit treatment agent. Thanks to this experience, we reminds our customers that the purchase of adhesive products should be based on brands/qualified manufacturers, and should be vigilant for products with particularly low unit prices or unknown origins, which may cause yourself a senseless loss.

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