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Composition Of Adhesives
Aug 30, 2017

1, Adhesives: Also known as adhesives, followed by agents, the surface treatment of two or more than two adhesive materials firmly connected together, and has a certain mechanical strength of the chemical properties. For example, epoxy resin, phosphoric acid, copper oxide, white latex and so on.

2, solid material (base material): Determine the main physical and chemical mechanical properties of adhesive joints. For example, epoxy resins and phenolic resins.

3, curing Agent:

A) Solidification: the process by which liquid adhesives become solids through physicochemical methods. The physical method has dissolved volatilization, emulsion condensation, melt cooling;

B Curing Agent: The chemical substances used in the solidification process.

4, curing promoter: Can promote curing reaction speed, shorten the reaction time of chemical substances, also known as catalysts.

5, toughening agent: Can improve the toughness of adhesive curing, mainly esters and elastic compounds.

6, Filler: can improve the mechanical strength of the joint.

7. Other Auxiliary materials: coloring agent, solvent (diluent), anti-aging agent and coupling agent, etc.

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