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Comparison Between Spray Adhesive 308A And Hot Sale 189A On The Market
Oct 23, 2018

Good Adhesive’s sofa spray adhesive HN-308A is made of imported rubber and environmentally friendly resin. It is developed with scientific and environmental protection technology. It has the characteristics of eco friendly, non-toxic, light odor, good spraying performance and long operation time. In order to understand the application of HN-308A in the industry, Good Adhesive’s technician found a hot sale item 189A on the market from a spray adhesive manufacturer and had a comparison test between them.


Left Is 308A, and right is 189A.

Comparison of Appearance

308A: Golden transparent liquid

189A: brown translucent liquid


Comparison of Odor

308A: Light odor, small rosin smell

189A: Smell of oxidizing agent and gasoline.


Comparison of Spray Performance

When sprayed on the synthetic leather, 189A slightly blocked the spray gun and its spray effect is not very good and caused glue piled up on the leather.

308A has smooth spray effect and moderate tack, and the spray mist is fine and dense.


Left Is 308A, and right is 189A.

Comparison of single-side spray on sponge

Spray the glue on one side of the sponge, and attach them after 3 minutes to guarantee the bonding effect. Apparently 308A has stronger bonding strength than 189A.


Left Is 308A, and right is 189A.

Comparison of Heat Resistance

Spray the adhesive on one side of the sponge and curve it to attach together. After that, put it into the oven and heat it for 30 minutes at 65 ℃. It can be seen as below that 308A detached for 2-3 cm while 189A detached for 5-6 cm. It can be concluded that 308A has better heat resistance than 189A.


Left Is 308A, and right is 189A.


Good Adhesive’s 308A has lighter color, smaller odor, better spray performance and heat resistance than the hot sale item 189A.

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