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China's Glue Industry Has Made Great Progress In Recent Years
Aug 30, 2017

China's adhesive industry has made great progress in recent years, the specific performance in the following areas.

(1) New products continue to emerge, some of the modified, branch-type, copolymerization-blending and special-type adhesives have been developed, the industrialization has been realized. such as polyurethane modified polyvinyl acetate emulsion, anti-freezing white latex, double horse modified epoxy resin conductive adhesive, silicone modified epoxy resin structure, and so on, these products have a lot of excellent performance, not only to meet a variety of needs, but also improve the grade of our adhesive products, replaced the partial imports.

(2) The production technology progress accelerates, our country adhesive production craft technology has made great strides. The new production technology represented by radiation method, ultraviolet light solid method and Interpenetrating network method has played a very important role in improving product performance and improving quality of products.

(3) The application field is expanding, at present, the application of adhesives has infiltrated into the national economy in various sectors, such as clothing, light industry, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, electronic and electrical appliances, transportation, medical and health, e-mail, warehousing and many other fields, become an indispensable technology in industrial production.

The use of adhesives in the automotive industry is simple, reliable and cost-effective, and is used for the structural connection, fixation and sealing of metal, plastic, fabric, glass, rubber, etc., or between each other and painted surfaces.

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