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Application Of Electroplating On Hardware Used In Sanitary And Furniture
Mar 08, 2018

Application of Electroplating on Hardware used in Sanitary and Furniture

So far, China has become the biggest country of manufacturing bathroom hardware products. There are different kinds of bathroom products, furniture accessories and hardware products exporting to international markets. According to the admission standards of the international sanitary hardware market, sanitary products can not be exported unless they pass the ISO9000 international quality certificate.

Sanitary products mainly use zinc alloy, copper alloy and ABS as basic material and require professional decorative plating. For the decorative plating process with sever standard on product surface, it is important to choose electroplating additive with high quality, which is a sensible way to guarantee the product with superior performance.

Plating Zinc Alloy

With its simple shaping process, which is generally shaped by die casting, zinc alloy product has relatively simple structure and easy die design, thus it is used to manufacture hardware such as doorknobs, locks and others in sanitary and furniture industries.  Zinc alloy products usually go through the working processes like die casting, machining, polishing, electroplating, etc. As an amphoteric metal, zinc alloy products can not use strong acid and alkali materials as pretreatment; our company developed a series of pretreatment and electroplating products specially for zinc alloy, and has got favorable remarks from customers. 

Plating Copper Alloy

With good corrosion-resistance, excellent conductivity of heat and electricity, favorable ductility and mechanical strength, copper alloy has been widely used in many industries.  Nickel and chrome plating on copper alloy can improve corrosion-resistance and decorative ability of the alloy surface, which is mostly applied in high-end sanitary and furniture products.

Plating ABS Plastic

Compared with metal workpiece, plastic plating products are lighter and with metallic luster.  Plating on plastics not only improves the surface appearance and decoration performance, but also improves the conductivity of heat/electricity, corrosion-resistance and surface mechanical strength. However, when comes to selecting the plating plastic materials, many factors must be put into consideration, such as machining performance, mechanical strength, cost of materials and electroplating, difficulty of plating, and accuracy of size. Currently, ABS plastic is most commonly used in plastic plating. Replying on its advantage on structure, ABS plastic is easy for molding, and also has strong layer cohesion for its surface is easy to etch. Our company has a complete set of mature plating products with excellent performance on ABS plastic and sophisticated onsite technical experience.

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