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Adhesive In Use Note
Aug 30, 2017

A. For ab composition of the adhesive, in the ratio, please according to the specifications of the requirements.

B. For ab parts of the adhesive, must be fully stirred before use and evenly. Can not stay dead, otherwise it will not cure.

C. The adhesive must be washed clean, can not have water (except for underwater curing glue).

D. To achieve high bonding strength, the adhesive is as polished as possible,

E. Bonding joint design is good or bad, determines the bonding strength level.

F. Adhesive use, must now be used, should not be retained for too long, in the case of rapid curing, generally not more than 2 minutes.

G. If you want to high strength, curing fast, see its condition heating, gelatinize, not too thick, generally to 0.5mm is good, the thicker the bonding effect is worse.

H. When bonding objects, it is best to press or clamp.

I. For higher strength, it is best to detain for 24 hours after bonding.

J. Single-group solvent or water dosage form, must stir evenly when using.

K. For solvent-based products, after the gelatinize, must be cool to a little sticky hands appropriate, and then bonded.

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