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A Splendid Way To Keep Long-term Radiance On Black Layers
Sep 11, 2018

  Several days ago, a question was brought from clients: Is there a method to prolong radiance on zinc-nickel alloy layers after black passivation? My respond is seal treatment. Seal treatment is the same as forming a layer of tight protective film to improve metal ability of anti-tarnishing and corrosion resistance. And the most suitable seal treatment technology is our HN-868 black seal technology that has been receiving high population for a long time.

  Zinc-nickel alloy layers can stay brilliant brightness after black passivation and HN-868 seal treatment (accessible for hanging plating and rolling plating). Intensive Ecotech’s HN-861 zinc-nickel alloy trivalent chromium black passivation technology is supposed to process zinc-nickel alloy layers to reach better seal effect.


  Here are process courses below:

1,  Flushed with nitric acid solution or hydrochloric acid solution after being zinc-nickel alloy electroplated.

2, carry on HN-861 black passivation treatment.

3, Flush with cold water for twice

4, Dehydration with cold air

5,HN-868 seal treatment

6,Drain water in HN-868 seal working trough

7,spin dry with warm air

8,Dismental workpiece

9, cleanse hangers, roller and other loading appliances. Loading appliances must be washed in sodium hydroxide solution  and then water  later after passivation and seal procedure at the very beginning.

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