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A New Recommendation---Direct Nickel Plating Technology
Sep 03, 2018

  Have you ever thought about layers directly plated by nickel without copper plating but still remain the same excellent radiance? Would you like to increase plumpness on layers? A new type of nickel plating technology can fulfill your wish.      The remarkable direct nickel plating technology will be introduced to you.

Features of the technology

  1, satiation, radiance and flatness are up to a extremely high level.

  2, strong covering ability of low voltage on pretty soft layers

  3, it is workable for radiant nickel plating on single layers or multi-layers nickel plating which requires high corrosion resistance.

  4, its brightener can be complemented straight to most of nickel plating technology to proceed cylinder rotating.

Represent technology

1,HN-TN1 direct nickel plating major brightening agent

  Major brightening agent HN-TN1 can improve brightness and flatness on layers. The infusion of too less HN-TN1 occurs to obvious mist in low current area while HN-TN1 overdose causes fragile plating layers and worse covering ability of low voltage.

2,HN-TN2 direct nickel plating softener

  Softener HN-TN2 can reduce layers innerstress, enhancing softness and covering ability of layers so as to maintain the best radiant effect.

3,HN-19 brightness nickel plating wetting agent

  Wetting agent HN-19 prevents layers from pinholes. Also, it can be decomposed by hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate meanwhile it can be absorbed by active carbon.

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