H63/H65/H85/H90 Brass Wire For Zipper

H63/H65/H85/H90 Brass Wire For Zipper

We manufacture brass flat wires which is widely used in the zipper and textile industry. Our wires are suitable for the following designs, such as the classic zippers used in high grade jeans and work jeans, open-ended zippers, used in jackets, two way open-ended zippers which is generally used on long coats, two way open-ended zippers which is generally used on long coats, two way closed ended zippers which is used in luggages and so on.


Product Description                                                                   

We are very professional in the BRASS FLAT WIRE FOR ZIPPER. 

Our brass wires for zipper are available in various width and thickness, based on customer requirements.

Speciality: The cold finishing plasticity is fine. The surface smooth finish is high.

Meterial: Environmental protecting brass 

Used : Termnal for zipper 

Machine: Fully automatic machine. And half automatic machine

Color: Customization


A. Small Flat brass wire: 

3#: 0.75*3.18, 0.78*3.18, 0.8*3.18, 0.9*3.18, 1*3.18, 0.85*3.4, 0.9*0.33;

4#: 0.88*3.5, 0.9*3.5, 0.95*3.5, 1*3.5;

5#: 0.9*3.90, 0.88*3.95, 0.9*3.95, 1*3.95;

8#: 1.25*4.6, 1.1*5.1;

10#: 1.4*5.6, 1.45*5.7;

B. Media Size Flat brass wire: 

0.8*6.5R, 0.8*6.8R,0.9*6.5R, 0.9*6.8R, 0.9*7R, 0.9*7.3R, 1*7.3R, 1*7.5R, 1.1*7.5R, 1*8R

C. Big Flat brass wire: 

0.9*9, 0.9*9.5, 0.9*10, 0.95*10, 1*10, 1.1*10, 0.9*10.5, 0.95*10.5, 1*10.5, 1*11, 1.1*11, 1.15*11, 1.2*11, 1.2*11, 1.2*11.8, 1.2*12, 1.3*12, 1*11.5, 1.1*11.5, 1.15*11.5


Company Introduction                                                                   


We also have bottom stop brass wire and round brass wire for zipper. Should any specification you are interesting in, pls contact me without hesitation and we are promised that you will received the prompt reply with nice quality, preferential price and good service.

Looking forward to hear from you in order to establish mutually profitable business realtion in the future.

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