Upholstery Spray Adhesive

Upholstery Spray Adhesive

Upholstery spray adhesive is a powerful, heat-resistant, aging-resistant and cost-saving SBS based adhesive. It is widely used in the filed of upholstery furniture, high class furniture, office partitions.



GOOD's upholstery spray adhesive is a solvent based SBS adhesive with the following features:

  • Strong bonding strength.

  • heat resistance and aging resistance.

  • Fast drying, shorten processing time.

  • Glue-saving and cost-saving.

  • low odor, improve working condition.

  • Widely applied to foam, sponge, fabric, cloth, leather, board in upholstery.


Model: HN-212N


The upholstery spray adhesive is widely used in bonding foam, sponge, fabric, cloth, leather, board in upholstery. It can be used by spray gun or large spray machine.

Physical Properties 

Appearance: light yellow liquid

Solid Content: 30%-35%

Viscosity: 110-150cps/25℃

Heat Resistance: 45-50℃

Tack Retention Time: 5-10min


Direction for Use

1. Make sure the surface of the material is clean and without grease, dust or impurity.

2. How to spray:

  • Linear style: the muzzle forms a 45°angle on the surface of material and keeps a distance of 0.5m from the surface. The air pressure of the lance should be adjusted to 6~8 kg.

  • Sector style: keep the muzzle perpendicular to the surface of the material, then spray evenly and form a sector-like gel fog, the angle of the sector is about 45°.

3. After step 2, lay it for 1~5 min or when the glue on the material is not sticky, it can be bonded together.



Net 12kg/tin.

Packed in iron tin.


Shelf Life

6 months


Kept in cool and dry places. Store it at 60-80°F (15-27°C) for maximum storage life. Higher temperature can reduce normal shelf life. Lower temperature can cause increased viscosity of a temporary nature. 

Company Introduction

Guangdong Good Resin Technology Co., Ltd is one of the biggiest adhesive manufacturers in China and is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, with a total annual output of 200,000 tons. A large High-polymer Research Institute was established with a complete set of advanced production lines and precision instruments, GOOD specializes in producing more than 100 kinds of adhesive products, including solvent based adhesive, water based adhesive, spray adhesive, lamination adhesive, primer, cleansers, etc. Our products are widely used by shoe factories, shoe accessories factories, bag & luggage factories, furniture factories, lamination factories, door factories, automobile interior factories, etc. We welcome customers from all over the world to cooperate with us.

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