Super 77 Spray Adhesive For All Purpose

Super 77 Spray Adhesive For All Purpose

super 77 spray adhesive is made of special synthetic resin and environmentally friendly solvent. It is easy and convenient to use. With the touch of a finger, the adhesive can be sprayed onto wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, sponge, leather, felt and other materials for easy bonding.


Super 77 Spray Adhesive for all purpose is made of special synthetic resin and environmentally friendly solvent. 

Product Feature

1. Easy to use and can be used to bond various materials from paper to metal. It is fast, convenient, and has wide application, strong bonding and no irritated odor.

2. The solid content is high, and the spraying area is large, which is 1-1.5 times of that of similar products;

3. The spraying particles are fine, the atomization is good, the permeability is strong, and the substrate is not corroded;

4. The product has a 10-30 minutes opening time and is suitable for various construction requirements;


1, All kinds of computer embroidery;

2, All kinds of exhibition window decoration, furniture, etc.;

3. Production of various signs and logos;

4. Repair and bonding of all kinds of car carpets and spare tires;

5, Bonding of various types of paper, foam sponge, aluminum foil, cork.



Solid   Content

Tack   retention time

100-150   cps


Single   side

Double   sides

15 seconds- 10 minutes15 seconds- 30 minutes


Instructions for use

1. Shake well before use, align the nozzle hole with the material, and spray evenly on the surface of the object within the distance of 15-20CM;

2. Please spray it upside down for 2-3 seconds after use to remove the glue from the nozzle;

3. The sprayed particles are fine and uniform without irritating odor;

4. If the nozzle hole is blocked, wash it with alcohol or other organic solvent;

5, For permanent bonding, need to spray on both surfaces of the objects, wait 1-2 minutes, place pressure;

6, For temporary bonding, spray a small amount of adhesive on one side and wait 2-3 minutes, then the objects can be peel off easily.


1. Spray 


2. Attach and Press


3. Bonding test


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