PVC Glue

  • Decorative PVC Film Lamination Glue

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    Decorative PVC Film Lamination Glue

    HN-801D(2) is a lamination glue specially designed for bonding decorative PVC film to PVC sheet, board, rigid sheet. It has strong bonding strength, heat resistance and aging resistance, which can make the end products have longer life span. It is widely used in PVC door and...Read More

  • PVC Glue For Membrane Press Machine

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    PVC Glue For Membrane Press Machine

    Introduction PVC glue for membrane press machine is used for vacuum forming products like vacuum forming door, kitchen cabinet panel, sound box panel, computer desk etc. It has excellent performance on heat resistant, fast drying, small partical diameter, endurance bonding...Read More

  • Blister Adhesive For PVC Film Membrane Pressing

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    Blister Adhesive For PVC Film Membrane Pressing

    Application HN-815W Blister Adhesive is specially formulated to meet the demands of new-style cabinet door and wood panels. It is suitable for bonding soft PVC materials (thickness: 0.3-2.0mm) to MDF, particle board, wood, PVC, ABS, PP, PE, etc. by the vacuum membrane press...Read More

  • PVC Inflatable Boat Repair Glue

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    PVC Inflatable Boat Repair Glue

    GOOD's PVC inflatable boat repair glue is suitable for bonding soft PVC materials in repairing PVC inflatable boat, inflatable castle for children, PVC inflated toys etc.Read More

  • PVC Vinyl Banner Glue

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    PVC Vinyl Banner Glue

    Introduction to PVC vinyl banner glue GOOD’s PVC vinyl banner glue has the following advantages over other brand’s banner glue. 1. Excellent bonding performance with strong initial bonding strength and post bonding strength. 2. Excellent weather resistance, anti-aging effect....Read More

  • PVC Inflatable Boat Glue

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    PVC Inflatable Boat Glue

    Introduction to PVC Inflatable Boat Glue HN-800W (1) is used for fast and high-quality repair of inflatable boats made of PVC-based materials. It allows you to create an elastic, strong stitch. To increase the heat resistance and strength of the surfaces to be bonded, it is...Read More

  • PVC Film Membrane Pressing Glue

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    PVC Film Membrane Pressing Glue

    Introduction to PVC film membrane pressing glue HN-815W is a one-part water-borne polyurethane adhesive used for membrane pressing or vacuum forming PVC films in the manufacture of kitchen cabinet doors, furniture components and other 3D applications. It has good heat...Read More

  • PVC Pipe Solvent Cement

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    PVC Pipe Solvent Cement

    Introduction of PVC pipe solvent cement The PVC pipe solvent cement is a PU base solvent cement glue developed for bonding PVC construction materials. With higher solid content and stronger bonding strength than the PVC based solvent cement, it is suitable for customers with...Read More

  • Clear PVC Pipe Glue

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    Clear PVC Pipe Glue

    Introduction to PVC pipe glue PVC pipe glue is a kind of colorless viscous liquid. It is suitable for the fixing and installation of PVC plastic pipeline, PVC board and other polyvinyl chloride materials in the building and decoration field. The PVC pipe glue has the...Read More

Feel free to wholesale pvc glue at competitive price from professional pvc glue manufacturers and suppliers in China here. For customized products, please inform our factory of details in advance.
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