Water Based Adhesive for Footwear

Water Based Adhesive for Footwear




This Water Based Adhesive is an efficient water-soluble anionic polyurethane emulsion, commonly known as water-based PU glue. It has zero VOC emissions and is non-toxic, tasteless and green. It is suitable for the bonding of TPR, PU, PVC, EVA, leather, rubber and other materials in the footwear industry. The adhesive performance is better than oily PU glue. 

Model: HN-820W


Suitable for systhetic leather, PU leather, hard leather, oily leather, PVC, rubber, TPREVA and other leather materials, are widely used in men and women leather shoes, sports shoes and so on.


Application examples


Technical Data

Appearance: milky white liquid

Solid Content : 45-50%

Viscosity : 3500-4500CPS/25℃

Heat Resistance: 55-60℃

Drying Time: 10-15min



This glue can be used by brush or adhesive brushing machine

This product is heated to be activated. The best activation condition is 60 ℃, for 4-6 minutes. 

When used, it requires an addition of 5-6% water-based PU glue special curing agent and needs to be stirred evenly by mechanical stirring.

When drying, the film should become transparent to achieve better bonding effect.

Existing drying equipment can be used. if conditions permit, it is recommended to use infrared drying box.


Packed in plastic drum.

Net 20kg/drum.

Net 25kg/drum.


Shelf Life

3-6 months

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