Natural Latex Rubber Glue HN-001

Natural Latex Rubber Glue HN-001

Natural Latex Rubber Glue is one of the earliest substances used to bind materials. Because of its capacity to become elastic when heated, it is one of the most popular adhesives on the market, and is typically used in bonding organic and porous materials like leather, paper, fabrics, as well as other rubber products. Adehsive rubber also offers water-resistant properties, flexibility, and versatility, making it a good choice for use in clothing and footwear manufacturing, as well as for reinforcing the backing of carpets and floor rugs.



Natural Latex Rubber Glue HN-001 is made form natural elastomers which have been tackified with the inclusion of various additives and resins. Rubber adhesives are cost-effective and have excellent tack and shear properties. In addition, they provide strong adhesivon to materials with high-and low-surface energy.

Model:Natural Latex Rubber Glue HN-001


Widely applied to latex foaming, counter lasting in footwear factories, lamination factories for footwear and bags, tire repair liquid, water based vulcanized adhesive glue, etc.

Technical Data:


Solid content50-55%

Ammonia contenet0.4%

Mechanical Stability650s


The product can be brushed or sprayed by hand and machine. It can be also applied by gluing machine.


Packed in iron tin or drum. Net 300G/TIN, 0.8KG/TIN, 3KG/DRUM, 15KG/DURM, 170KG/DURM.

Seal it tightly and store it in cool and dry place between 5~40℃.

Shelf Life: 6 months   


Company information:


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